Tools and Strategies for Managers and Supervisors

What does the online program do?

The purpose of the Missouri Merit System Online Training Program is to communicate a "high-level" understanding of Merit System practices and principles to state supervisors, managers and HR professionals to better prepare them to use the day-to-day human resource management processes that sustain and support the state's workforce.

The program addresses specific topics associated with the Missouri Merit System and best practices in human resource management. Information presented is structured to the viewpoint of the typical supervisor or manager and focuses more on "why" things are done than the technical aspect of "how" things are done.

Who should view this online training program?

The program is intended for Missouri state government employees who lead, manage or supervise other employees-and who, as a part of their job, use the various Merit processes addressed in this program. However, anyone who is interested in this information is welcome to view it.

How is the online program structured?

Subject matter experts from the Division of Personnel will appear on your screen explaining various Merit and human resource management processes. Throughout their presentation, slides depicting their speaking points will frequently replace their image on your screen.

To help you follow the content of each module and take any notes you may need for future reference, we encourage you to download and print the training materials (slides) for each module before viewing the training module. You will also find links to other information about the Division of Personnel, Merit and HR processes at the end of the module listings.

How to use this training program:

  1. This online program consists of an introduction and three primary training modules.
  2. Each module builds upon the information presented in the previous modules.
  3. Before viewing the videos for each module, you are encouraged to print the training materials (slides) & handouts for the module you are about to preview.
  4. Once you have printed the materials it is time to view the video portion.
  5. The video will download to your windows media player on your P.C.

You can print the entire training manual by clicking the link below:
Navigating the Missouri Merit System Training Materials

Module 1: General Introduction

Overview and Welcome

NOTE: Module 3: Workforce Management mentioned in this portion of the video is currently under revision and is temporarily unavailable.

Part 1: General Introduction to the Merit System

Module 2: The Workforce

Part 2-1: The Uniform Classification and Pay System

Part 2-2: Position Classification

Part 2-3: Factors in Determining Pay Rates

Part 2-4: Salary Adjustments

Part 2-5: Pay Plan Recommendations

Part 2-6: Options for filling Vacancies

Part 2-7: Merit System Hiring

Part 2-8: Certification Process