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The Center for Management and Professional Development is ready to provide world-class training to supervisors, managers and team leaders no matter where they live or work through two unique webinar formats:

  • LiveClicks webinars combine compelling content and award-winning videos from FranklinCovey.
  • Advantage webinars are specifically designed by the Center to address leadership, organizational and team issues.

Unlike other "slideshow and lecture" webinars, all of our webinars feature live engagement with a content expert, hands-on activities, immediate answers to questions, and constant feedback from the trainer/facilitator to keep the learner's interest and help them retain the knowledge they receive.

Each webinar comes with its own downloadable toolkit to use during and after the webinar.

Learners experience training right from their own computer, eliminating travel costs and minimizing time away from the office, while reducing their carbon footprint.

At $79.00 or less per person, our webinars are great ways to help individuals build critical skills within themselves and their team to achieve consistent and lasting success.

Key Benefits:

  • Save money by saving time and reducing travel costs
  • Reach employees who typically can't attend training
  • Spread training faster throughout your organization
  • Reinforce knowledge provided in other training programs

Don't worry about technology
Our webinars come to you via Adobe Connect Pro, a leading provider for web conferencing and e-learning. Assuming the learner has Internet capability, a computer with speakers, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or more, Adobe Flash Player 8 or later and a telephone, connectivity shouldn't be a problem.

Enrollment is easy!
Enroll for any webinar using the Center's Online Enrollment Form. Once enrolled, participants receive instructions on how to access the webinar on the day and time the webinar is scheduled. It is also important to enroll IN ADVANCE of the webinar, preferably at a minimum of 3 days prior to the webinar. This will ensure that each participant receives the required information needed to access the webinar in a timely manner. Individuals who wait until the day of the webinar to enroll will likely not have their enrollment processed in time to participate in the webinar.

Important Note:
Each individual's organization will be charged a fee for each employee who participates in a webinar. All webinars are designed for one person to view from his/her desktop computer. Each employee is expected to experience the webinar – and the learning content – as it is intended. Consequently, allowing other individuals to participate in or view the webinar who have not enrolled in, or paid for the webinar is prohibited.